Are You Reckless?

Category: Road, Safety

Suraya foundation“Stories move people and motivate them to take actions”
Road traffic accidents are very huge problem.  Opportunity to experience an accident in road traffic it is common for every man or woman, christian or muslims, white or black …  Technology development and education of people could prevent a number of  accidents, but still we must increase awareness of dangerous that brings road traffic. Some times problem is in infrastructure, but more often unsafe driver is responsible.

“Are You Reckless?” – It is a road safety slogan of actual Suraya Foundation campaigning. Mohd Shahnawaz from Dubai lose a loved sister Suraya in reckless driving and in honor of her memory, he dedicate this foundation for spread awareness on the dangers of reckless driving. His idea was to promote safe driving in UAE, and present a problem of reckless driving. He form a team of advertisers, marketers and graphic designers volunteers with a one goal, to rise awareness driving.  This campaign include social media activities (Facebook, Twitter) on English language so effect could be world wide.

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