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In order to promote road safety with action on helmets, drink-driving, speeding, seat-belts and visibility World Health Organization (WHO) created series of five posters. This campaign targeted young people because 40% of all traffic deaths occur among people aged 0-25.

 This is a list of WHO posters on road safety and slogans used in this road safety campaign.

Pedestrians and cyclists can be difficult to see on the roads, which increases their risk of road traffic injuries. Wearing lightly-coloured or reflective clothing makes them much more visible and can help avoid collisions.
Be part of the solution: be seen on the road.

Consuming alcohol before driving increases the risk of a crash as well as the likelihood that death or serious injury will result. Passing a drink–driving law and enforcing it can reduce the number of road deaths by 20%.
Be part of the solution: never drink and drive.

Speed kills all types of road users – drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. A 5% cut in average speed can reduce the number of fatal crashes by as much as 30%.
Be part of the solution: don’t speed.

Wearing a seat-belt reduces the risk of being ejected from a vehicle and suffering serious or fatal injury by between 40%-65%.
Be part of the solution: wear a seat-belt.

Most motorcycle deaths are a result of head injuries. Wearing a motorcycle helmet correctly can cut the risk of death by almost 40%, and the risk of severe injury by 70%.
Be part of the solution: wear a helmet.

Source: WHO

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  1. Deborah Chase says:

    I’m the Safety Manager for a transit service in Elk Grove, CA. I would like to use these posters at out facility for our drivers. How can I order them. Thank you.

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    Adrian Best
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    I’m a Safety and Health committee, working on a road safety campaign . Is there any way I can use this posters for awareness?

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